Looting the Feminine

Black Moon Lilith – the strong, dominate, powerful force of the Divine Feminine present in all females and all males – is now at 29 degrees Sagittarius conjuncting the Galactic Center.

There is a movement happening now. The stripping away of the Divine Feminine’s power – cast out into the Underworld of violence, abuse, depravity, and scorn – is becoming apparent.

There is an opening of our awareness to guilt, pain, shame, and insecurity.

It is happening now to prod us to reintegrate our Divine Feminine into wholeness.

It is happening to now to heal humanity.

The Divine Feminine has been suppressed through atrocity, shamed out of power, robbed of her voice, forced into dependence on a system that she is denied leverage within, and grabbed at for what the Masculine wants – her vulnerability.

It is suppression through fear and it is cranking way up.

It is a Looting of the Feminine.

The violated Divine Feminine is coming to terms with the damaged Divine Masculine.

Women are leading that effort. We are demonstratively female and exist in a world that is actively violent towards us

At. All. Times.

Aware men will know that they are next. They will be still, hold space, listen, and let us heal because they know that we’re coming to heal them, too.

Some men will do exactly that. All women are deeply grateful. We walk this road, together.

Some men, unfortunately, will flail. They will declare any discussion about the violent intrusion upon women is based on wallowing in victimhood and pity. They will demand we include their HIStory in any discussion or it’s illegitimate. They will postulate that if the Divine Feminine is permitted to rise back into its full strength, men will lose theirs.

The force of dominance was the Divine Masculine’s ancient turn into darkness.

The Divine Feminine has her own way of demonstrating power.

The Divine Feminine’s power heals, unites, creates, and understands. She evolves the old into the new. She brings balance. She cares for the sick, small, and lonely. She demands sovereignty and justice. Her battle cry:

“Through Sacred Union, We have Common Purpose”

The Divine Feminine: vulnerability, healing, receptivity, love, compassion, unity, Mother Earth, transformation, resurrection.

We are in the midst of her Return.

You may participate in this Rising.

You may benefit from it.

You may not loot from it.

In the open spaces where

The Divine Feminine

Returns into balance with

The Divine Masculine,

We create new worlds.

– Susan Grace


The Power of Vulnerability

We weep.

For the forgotten, hurting, abandoned, and lost – we weep.

Sorrow is not where we’re meant to stay. It’s where healing begins. In healing, a new world is possible.

We find ourselves in the open spaces where we are freed from our suffering.

We find each other where we can atone, forgive, and begin again.

It’s in our vulnerability that we feel our way back to Oneness.


I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

Open up and feel. It’s your superpower.

– Susan Grace


Hope Parts the Sea

In the pull between unlimited possibility and your mind’s argument against it, possibility wins. Nothing can stop the Greater Force of Life and its infinite creations.

You can, however, block your participation in them.

You can freeze.

You can sabotage.

You can err on the side of pessimism, dread, and regret.

You can not show up. You can quit.

That’s your right. It’s called Free Will.

There’s a reason your mind tries to push possibility away. Not unlike your ego, your mind is trying to protect you. Your mind calculates risk as danger and danger will hurt you. It’s trying to keep you alive, albeit in a misguided, self-limiting way.

You’re meant to thrive, not merely survive.

In Kabbalah, it’s said that Moses led his people not just to the edge of the Red Sea, but directly into it. They were steadfast in their hope, resolute in possibility. The water reached their nostrils before the sea finally parted, lending them safe passage from servitude into liberation.

Walking forward into possibility is how you meet the Greater Force of Life halfway. It’s in complete conviction that the path will appear that you participate in creation.

We are here together during a time of great change and emergence from deep suffering. Stand tall now, brave in your vulnerability, and know you are here to usher in the end of suffering. You are here to rise.

Be the Hope that Parts the Sea

– Susan Grace


Sacred Unions

This can be confusing. Let’s unpack it.

Sacred: holy, hallowed, blessed, revered

Union: united, joined together for a common purpose

^That’s not person-specific. No mention of boyfriend, girlfriend, only friend, husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, blond, brunette, 20-something, 40-something, male, female – nothing like that.

Blessed connection and common purpose.

People get hung up on Sacred Union being about only one person in only one dynamic. You have LOTS of Sacred Unions. They’re work-oriented. They happen at the gym. They meet up to clean streets. They obsess over saving the world. Some are fleeting. Some last a lifetime. Some piss you off and trigger something you need to work on. Some bring you peace and give you a soft place to land. Some, but not all, are romantic.

Release your grip on telling life how it has to show up before you’re willing to receive it. People come and go. Relationships alter. Just hold the note of how you want to feel.

Blessed Connection with a Common Purpose

Something bigger than you will take care of the details.

– Susan Grace


Welcome to the new site, everyone!

Darling has done it again – I have been re-introduced to myself and evolved into new life. I can’t thank Darling enough for her brilliance, vision, time, patience, and care. She’s the absolute best at what she does and I can’t imagine where I would be without her. I swear by it: Everyone needs Darling.