Hope Parts the Sea

Hope Parts the Sea

In the pull between unlimited possibility and your mind’s argument against it, possibility wins. Nothing can stop the Greater Force of Life and its infinite creations.

You can, however, block your participation in them.

You can freeze.

You can sabotage.

You can err on the side of pessimism, dread, and regret.

You can not show up. You can quit.

That’s your right. It’s called Free Will.

There’s a reason your mind tries to push possibility away. Not unlike your ego, your mind is trying to protect you. Your mind calculates risk as danger and danger will hurt you. It’s trying to keep you alive, albeit in a misguided, self-limiting way.

You’re meant to thrive, not merely survive.

In Kabbalah, it’s said that Moses led his people not just to the edge of the Red Sea, but directly into it. They were steadfast in their hope, resolute in possibility. The water reached their nostrils before the sea finally parted, lending them safe passage from servitude into liberation.

Walking forward into possibility is how you meet the Greater Force of Life halfway. It’s in complete conviction that the path will appear that you participate in creation.

We are here together during a time of great change and emergence from deep suffering. Stand tall now, brave in your vulnerability, and know you are here to usher in the end of suffering. You are here to rise.

Be the Hope that Parts the Sea

– Susan Grace

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