The Unburdening

Chiron entered into Aries last month and has now clicked into 1 degree. The Wounded Healer has begun his work on our egos, our misguided and battered use of strength, on the very essence of our incarnated humanness.


Over the last few years, I’ve been asking why Chiron is not allowed to heal. Why can’t he evolve into being simply The Healer, released from his suffering? Now that he has arrived in Aries, beginning my Chiron Return, I can feel why.


Chiron will forever carry the visceral ache of his wounds because it affords him a level of compassion he would not have otherwise. For each and every one of us, he delivers what we need. He knows where the open gashes are, he knows where the scars are entrenched, he knows where we endure fatigue. He is here to heal – no need to ask or feel guilty or make it up to him. It’s just what he does.


When I was still in my corporate job, my boss was in the hospital for surgery and I was there with him. A volunteer came into his room and asked if he could pray for him. I have my own issues with organized religion, so I felt super uncomfortable at the time. Later, I asked someone I knew who was Christian what “may I pray for you” means. He said it’s an offer to unburden the person of prayer so that they can simply receive grace. I found that beautiful.


It’s the same sort of idea with Chiron. Chiron is here to unburden us of healing the places where we’ve had a hard time reaching. We have a habit of throwing bandages on our wounds and jumping right back out into the frays of life. Chiron is asking us to stop, be still, and allow ourselves to fully, completely heal. He’s sewing up the open wounds. He’s bringing the elixir to the gashes. He’s washing our hair while we sit in the tub. He’s unburdening us.


In the coming years, after we’ve been made strong again, Chiron will ask us to turn our attention from ourselves to the outside world. We will likely face new aches, new shame over what we’ve done to each other and the world around us. During those times, too, Chiron will still be with us, relieving us of our burden, and saying, “That’s over now.”


A few days ago, I asked Chiron if there’s anything I can do for him.


He said, “Yes. Please stop hurting yourself.”


Let that response be the theme for all of us during The Wounded Healer’s transit through Aries.


It’s time we stop hurting ourselves.


xoxo – Susan Grace


The Power of Vulnerability

We weep.

For the forgotten, hurting, abandoned, and lost – we weep.

Sorrow is not where we’re meant to stay. It’s where healing begins. In healing, a new world is possible.

We find ourselves in the open spaces where we are freed from our suffering.

We find each other where we can atone, forgive, and begin again.

It’s in our vulnerability that we feel our way back to Oneness.


I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

Open up and feel. It’s your superpower.

– Susan Grace


Hope Parts the Sea

In the pull between unlimited possibility and your mind’s argument against it, possibility wins. Nothing can stop the Greater Force of Life and its infinite creations.

You can, however, block your participation in them.

You can freeze.

You can sabotage.

You can err on the side of pessimism, dread, and regret.

You can not show up. You can quit.

That’s your right. It’s called Free Will.

There’s a reason your mind tries to push possibility away. Not unlike your ego, your mind is trying to protect you. Your mind calculates risk as danger and danger will hurt you. It’s trying to keep you alive, albeit in a misguided, self-limiting way.

You’re meant to thrive, not merely survive.

In Kabbalah, it’s said that Moses led his people not just to the edge of the Red Sea, but directly into it. They were steadfast in their hope, resolute in possibility. The water reached their nostrils before the sea finally parted, lending them safe passage from servitude into liberation.

Walking forward into possibility is how you meet the Greater Force of Life halfway. It’s in complete conviction that the path will appear that you participate in creation.

We are here together during a time of great change and emergence from deep suffering. Stand tall now, brave in your vulnerability, and know you are here to usher in the end of suffering. You are here to rise.

Be the Hope that Parts the Sea

– Susan Grace


Sacred Unions

This can be confusing. Let’s unpack it.

Sacred: holy, hallowed, blessed, revered

Union: united, joined together for a common purpose

^That’s not person-specific. No mention of boyfriend, girlfriend, only friend, husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, blond, brunette, 20-something, 40-something, male, female – nothing like that.

Blessed connection and common purpose.

People get hung up on Sacred Union being about only one person in only one dynamic. You have LOTS of Sacred Unions. They’re work-oriented. They happen at the gym. They meet up to clean streets. They obsess over saving the world. Some are fleeting. Some last a lifetime. Some piss you off and trigger something you need to work on. Some bring you peace and give you a soft place to land. Some, but not all, are romantic.

Release your grip on telling life how it has to show up before you’re willing to receive it. People come and go. Relationships alter. Just hold the note of how you want to feel.

Blessed Connection with a Common Purpose

Something bigger than you will take care of the details.

– Susan Grace


Welcome to the new site, everyone!

Darling has done it again – I have been re-introduced to myself and evolved into new life. I can’t thank Darling enough for her brilliance, vision, time, patience, and care. She’s the absolute best at what she does and I can’t imagine where I would be without her. I swear by it: Everyone needs Darling.