Sacred Unions

Sacred Unions

This can be confusing. Let’s unpack it.

Sacred: holy, hallowed, blessed, revered

Union: united, joined together for a common purpose

^That’s not person-specific. No mention of boyfriend, girlfriend, only friend, husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, blond, brunette, 20-something, 40-something, male, female – nothing like that.

Blessed connection and common purpose.

People get hung up on Sacred Union being about only one person in only one dynamic. You have LOTS of Sacred Unions. They’re work-oriented. They happen at the gym. They meet up to clean streets. They obsess over saving the world. Some are fleeting. Some last a lifetime. Some piss you off and trigger something you need to work on. Some bring you peace and give you a soft place to land. Some, but not all, are romantic.

Release your grip on telling life how it has to show up before you’re willing to receive it. People come and go. Relationships alter. Just hold the note of how you want to feel.

Blessed Connection with a Common Purpose

Something bigger than you will take care of the details.

– Susan Grace

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